Ed Fringe 2016 – First ever artist in Fringe history to be banned for being too political


My detractors claim I’m telling lies about having been offered not one but two venue contracts which were both withdrawn for political reasons.

Oh yes, I do enjoy going to the park to film myself telling the most outrageous porkies!

According to some, I was never offered any venue and am not even in Edinburgh !

As usual, trolls’ trolling has backfired. They are desperately trying to shift the blame for having my show banned away from themselves with absurd claims that I’m making it all up. Tell me more lies!

At the start of the Fringe, these same abusers were doing everything in their power to prevent me from performing. Now they’ve succeeded, they are naturally blameless. It’s all my own fault. I’m an attention seeker who uses the stage as a political platform to spread hate…

Admittedly, it’s pretty amusing to see them expose themselves as (((deniers)))

Too fringe for…

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